Web Development Services

PandaJS - Where design meets development. Unlike many agencies, we offer a fully comprehensive service. Each member of our team is a specialist in each area and focuses solely on their area of expertise.

SMS Marketing

Engage directly with your clients with one of the only digital methods which has a 99% open rate! SMS marketing is an extremely effective method of communication - particularly for time sensitive offers. Just think; do you have any unread SMS messages?

Web Development

We're a full service web design and development agency. Our expertise lies within JS and jQuery, however we work on a number of platforms including Wordpress, Magento, Joomla and Drupal. Speak to us today about your project - our prices start at £5,000.

Bespoke Analytic Solutions

Looking to increase efficiency within your team? Then consider having a custom analytics dashboard created for your business. Remove the clutter,customise the layout, restrict reports and leave only the crucial information for your team. It's a great way to save time and money.

Landing Page Design

Often left to the last step (or even post going live!) landing pages can be neglected, however they're arguably the most important pages. These are the front door to your business and the gateway to reducing your cost per click (CPC) on Google Adwords.

Digital Marketing

Are you looking for a fully comprehensive solution to manage your digital marketing? We approach things differently. Instead of blindly following your direction, we'll create a full plan, complete research and advise on the best routes to engagement.

Professional Content Writing

Ever written about your business for your target audience? It's not easy. There's SEO to consider, engagement and relevancy and ultimately it's the reference point for your business. Leave it to our professionals who can write for any industry.

UK-Based Developers

We're a UK-Based Design Development team so you can rest assured that your work isn't outsourced.

30 Years Experience

We've got over 30 combined years experience to tackle any level of complexity or project.

100% Money Back Guarantee

Our insurance gives you the peace of mind about your project with a money-back guarantee.

Targeted Lead Generation

Our specialist marketing team will create a full marketing plan for your business to generate more leads online.

Super-Fast Development

Need your new website quickly? Our team are able to offer an accelerated service from concept to build in 7 days.

Communicate via Email or Telephone

If you have a preferred method of communication for your project, just let us know. We don't tie you to a single method.

Web Development without the usual stress

One of the reasons which PandaJS was setup was due to the level of stress which our Director Peter used to experience within his previous venture. Like many of his contacts, he found that one of the most issue-prone tasks was the management and development of websites. That's why he decided to setup PandaJS. We've created a seamless project management service to eliminate the common problems such as lack of updates, confusion on requirements, scope creep and more.


Discuss the project and agree milestones.


Confirm and review any website features and functionality.


Simple! Receive your website at the end fully tested.