About PandaJS

We have a highly experienced web development team based in London. We offer web design and development services to both small businesses and large corporate clients. Whilst our focus and speciality is JS, we have bucket loads of experience in PHP too.
Social Media Marketing

The nature of our business is to develop relationships. Our aim is to work with a smaller number of clients on a repeat basis vs. working in volume. This approach has been largely successful and our web development team have built over 100 websites.

Our UK-based development team predominantly specialise in JS and jQuery, however as is the nature of web development, we work in a variety of languages including CMS platforms such as Wordpress, Magento, Drupal and Joomla. This enables us to develop websites quickly and competitively at a lower cost. Contact a member of our team today to get a quote.
Often the bottleneck in many development companies is the project management process. In order to ensure that we complete projects smoothly and our clients see constant solid progress, we work with the Agile Scrum methodology. This allows the entire team to always be aware of the progress at each stage and also for smaller milestones to be hit on a regular basis.


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Web Development Services

We offer web development for both large and small businesses. If you're looking for a website which is designed to generate leads, build your reputation or increase your exposure - we can help. Our specialists will work with you to ensure that the primary objective is achieved and that your business will see a positive ROI on the investment into your project.

Pre-Launch Campaigns

The development phase of your website project can often take up to 6 weeks - this is precious time where you could be building up a potential client base or utilising your domain name to generate some leads. Often recognised as a lead funnel, we can develop a simple landing page which is designed to create a buzz about the new launch and offer some value to visitors. This will encourage signing up to a newsletter which can later be used to offer insights and increase brand exposure. Furthermore, we can use this information to target ads to the visitor through re-marketing on Google Adwords and Facebook.

Social Media Marketing

Most businesses in 2018 are aware of the important nature of social media both as a referral engine but also for reputation. Fewer businesses understand the true value in social media and how you can use it to very specifically target a potential client. Moreover, it can be used as a cost-effective way to re-market and increase trust signals to previous visitors to your website.

Whatever your goal is, we can create a solid campaign for your business on all of the popular channels, namely Facebook, Linkedin, Pinterest and Twitter. With prices from only £500+VAT to setup a campaign, it won't be long before you're reaping the benefits and generating more leads.

O U R    O B J E C T I V E

The primary aim for PandaJS is to ensure that we have a 100% client satisfaction rate and that every single customer would recommend us.

PandaJS Company Timeline

Below outlines some of the most significant events in the company's history since 2011.


Feb, 2011

The two managing directors Peter and Michael began working in partnership on a freelance basis for local clients and friends.

November, 2011

Officially registered as a limited company, hitting the ground running with an already established client base.

April 2012

New offices in Balham - lease signed and full office refit undergone.


February, 2014

PandaJS is nominated as one of the Times Top Companies to Work for in 2014.

July, 2014

Significant investment raised for the development team to expand into new offices in Central London and recruit a further 3 full-stack web developers.